Rainbow Nursery - A Colourful Start for Your Child

Rainbow Children's Nursery is a charity with a colourful past and a very exciting future. We offer full professional childcare and pre-school education covering 0 - 5 year olds in a stimulating, friendly and caring environment. We offer drop in care with minimal booking and no contract and we operate a holiday club for 3 to 8 year olds during the school holiday periods.

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Why Send Your Child To Nursery?

The nursery gives the children the opportunity to play with children of their own age. They have access to toys, musical instruments, messy crafts and noisy outdoor activities they may not have at home. They interact with each other and learn about courtesy, sharing, honesty and respect for people and property.

What Ofsted Says…

Good with outstanding features

"Children are provided with very good levels of care and make positive progress in learning and development in this inclusive setting"

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What Our Kids Say...

I know I am going to have a fun day at Rainbow! The staff are very friendly and helpful!

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