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Thank you very muchThank you from EmilyTestimonial from Theo and family

Kyle Testimonial


Parent comments following our “Giant Wiggle”

Helen Bishop; Thank you so much for giving Anna such a wonderful day! The jars looked brilliant & Anna is so proud of her caterpillar! Rainbow is the BEST! xx

Katie Shreeve; They all look fab charmaine has had a lovely day and cant wait for her sisters to get home from after school club to show them “wiggley” x

Jade Louise Maguire; Ryan must have enjoyed himself he’s been full of it! X

“I like the play dough it’s fun” – Jelly Bean room

” Because it’s fun, I like playing at nursery, I like playing with the ladies in the room” – Jelly Beans room

“it’s good, I like playing” – Jelly Beans room

” I like playing in the role play area” – Jelly Beans room

“I like having milk at Rainbow” – Jelly Tots room

“I like playing outside and all the food Tony cooks for me” – Jelly Tots room

“I like the garden and playing on the big slide” – Jelly Tots room


Jelly Beans and Jelly Tots comments - Rainbow Child