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Induction Information


Welcome to Rainbow Nursery. To help you and your child settle in quickly we have put together this induction pack. This will give you a small insight on how Rainbow operates and delivers education to the children in our care. We hope you and your child enjoy the time spent at Rainbow.

Settling in

We want this to be both easy and a good experience, so we ask parents to settle their children in with short visits where you can stay, or you can sit in your car or even have a coffee in the staffroom, whichever you feel is best for both you and your child. This is done using two 2 hour free sessions but the parents need to stay on the premises so we can easily contact them. During the settling in period the child’s key person and another member of staff will conduct home visits to enable them to meet the child in their home setting, this allows the child to become familiar with the staff member who will be their main point of contact in surrounding that are familiar to the child.

Please remember to bring comforters if your child requires them. All children settle in differently, some children enter nursery like they’ve been here all the time while others get distraught when their parents leave. This can last a few times or it can last a lot longer but rest assured we will always ring if we feel your child is unhappy. You can phone to see how they are settling in, we don’t mind how many times, some parents have been known to phone even when their child has settled.

When booking in please bring your child’s birth certificate, this is a county requirement to establish parental responsibility, details from the certificate will be recorded on your booking in form.

For your convenience this is the nursery telephone number: 01692 400995

A Bit About Rainbow

Rainbow is a not for profit registered charity, the business is run by a board of 5 volunteer trustees, 3 of which have children at the nursery. The childcare and daily operation is managed by two managers, they monitor the operations and the childcare aspect of the business. The majority of staff at rainbow are qualified to level 3. Rainbow also has a fund raising committee and throughout the year they organise events for both nursery families and adults. Nursery events are Easter fun days, sports days, summer functions, quizzes and children’s Christmas parties; they also have a stall at many of the local events. We welcome your support at these events and encourage contributions from parents, from menu ideas to joining as a trustee. Parents decide the direction and focus of the nursery and as such it becomes your nursery and staff promote the feeling of an extended family. The nursery relies on parent’s contributions and inputs to maintain its high standards and a sense of home from home for the children.

Outside Play Area

Celebrations and Festivals

During your child’s time at rainbow they will join in many festivals from around the world including Divali, Hanukah, Chinese New Year and many more, we also celebrate harvest festival the children bring in items for our harvest festival box and we donate this to a care home for the elderly. The children are also encouraged to celebrate births of siblings, their own birthdays they make cards and gifts for mothers day, fathers day. We celebrate Christmas If you have any ideas for festivals or your family celebrates a festival we can include please speak to any staff member.

Full induction instructions for parents are available in our downloadable PDF Guide:

Download Our Parent’s Guide